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Well all spent hours with these Pinball Legends and these legends deserve beautiful stickers. Let's go for the full 21stcentury stickers pack.


- Pinball Dreams : 2 ECS stickers

- Pinball Fantasies : 3 ECS stickers - 3 AGA stickers - 1 CD32

- Pinball Illusions : 4 AGA disks - 1 CD32

- Pinball Mania : 3 AGA disks

- Slamtilt : 5 AGA disks - 1 CD32

The main idea is to create a standard and refresh design for ECS / AGA and CD32. A lot of games stickers will be create but it depend of the success. So, if you like these stickers and want to have more, SHARE !

Download Amiga Games Stickers Renew - Pinball Legends

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