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After the success of Pinball Legends stickers, here comes another legend for certainly the most iconic Amiga developper : Team 17.

42 stickers waiting for you in this incredible package :

- Alien Breed
- Alien Breed SE
- Alien Breed 2
- Alien Breed 2 AGA
- Alien Breed Tower Assault
- Alien Breed Tower Assault AGA
- Alien Breed Tower Assault CD32
- Alien Breed 3D AGA
- Alien Breed 3D CD32
- Alien Breed 3D 2 AGA
- Project-X
- Project-X SE
- Superfrog
- Superfrog CD32

Everything is done for to spot the release immediatly (Red for ECS and Black for AGA). Your collection will never have been so highlighted.

Complete your collection with the previous packages Pinball Legends and AmigaOS (1.3 to 3.9).




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