Collection 2022 : A Huge and incredible pack of 118 Stickers


I'm very proud to present you the Stickers Renew Collection 2022 : This Huge pack regroup all stickers who came in 2022 but that's not all :

- All AmigaOS stickers comes in a new release to align with all Stickers Renew Design and using the original font from Commodore.

- 12 Remastered Musics of some games include in the Collection : cleaned with large boost, watch out for your neighbors ! 


  • AmigaOS V2 : 40 stickers
  • Pinball Legends : 23 stickers
  • Best of Team 17 : 42 stickers
  • Art of Psygnosis : 13 stickers
  • 12 Remastered musics

Download Stickers Renew Collection 2022

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